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MassHRM is a cutting-edge Human Resource Management software delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Empowering businesses of all sizes, MassHRM revolutionizes HR operations by providing a cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere.


  • Last Updated: July 27, 2023

  • Version: 1.0

  • Released On: July 27, 2023

  • Codeigniter: V4.1.3
    PHP: 7.4+

MassHRM is a cutting-edge HRM (Human Resource Management) software that revolutionizes the way organizations manage their workforce. With a seamless and intuitive SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture, MassHRM brings unparalleled convenience and efficiency to HR departments, enabling them to streamline their processes and drive productivity.

Key Features:

For Companies:

  • Performance Management: Elevate your organization’s performance management with MassHRM’s advanced tools. Define competencies, set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), conduct appraisals, and track performance objectives effortlessly.
  • Payroll Management: Simplify payroll processing with MassHRM’s efficient payroll module. Generate payslips, manage salary payments, handle advances and loans, all with precision and accuracy.
  • Leave and Attendance: Manage employee leaves and attendance seamlessly, with features like leave types, leave adjustments, manual attendance, and overtime requests.
  • CRM and Sales: MassHRM empowers organizations with robust CRM tools, enabling effective customer management, lead tracking, email templates, and more, to boost sales performance.
  • Projects and Finance: Keep projects on track with project management features like time tracking, project tasks, and general tasks. Additionally, manage finances effectively with accounts, deposits, expenses, and transactions.
  • Company Manual: MassHRM provides a comprehensive company manual that guides users through the entire HRM setup. From login procedures to necessary modules, employees, and performance management, the manual ensures a smooth and successful implementation.

For Super Admins:

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Super Admins gain a bird’s-eye view of the entire system through a comprehensive dashboard, facilitating easy monitoring and decision-making.
  • User Management: Exercise complete control over user roles and permissions, ensuring a secure and organized user management system.
  • System Configuration: Fine-tune system settings and customization options, ranging from themes and logos to email templates and language support.
  • Support and Assistance: Super Admins can efficiently handle support tickets, assisting users promptly and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Billing and Subscription: Manage subscription plans and billing invoices for companies with precision and flexibility.

MassHRM provides a unified platform for HR management, integrating crucial features like employee data management, leave and attendance tracking, performance appraisal, payroll processing, CRM, and financial management. With the added capabilities for Super Admins to oversee system-wide settings, user roles, and support, MassHRM ensures organizations have complete control over their HR processes and resources.

Empower your organization with MassHRM’s SaaS-powered HRM solutions, optimize productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and propel your business to new heights of success. Experience the future of HRM with MassHRM – the SaaS-driven HR solution for modern enterprises.

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3 reviews for Mass HRM SaaS

  1. maximsnet (verified owner)

    very good product I like the features it has to offer and good support from pnn they helped in installation and setting it up throughout Recommended

  2. ahmedreza (verified owner)

    Excellent code quality and extensive feature list of all modules.

  3. bdev_95 (verified owner)

    good support

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