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Perfex CRM SuperAdmin SaaS Module


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Discover the power of our multi-tenant CRM system and take your business to the next level! With our comprehensive backup and migration tool, content management system, and flexible SaaS model, you can easily manage your business content and subscriptions.

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Demo SaaS (Front-End)
Demo Perfex (Main App)
Document [Included]
  • Last Updated: March 28, 2023

  • Version: 2.0.0

  • Released On: February 21, 2023

  • Compatible: Perfex 3.0.4+

Perfex CRM SaaS by PNN Solutions is a multi-company software as service (SaaS) module for Perfex CRM. The module converts your simple Perfex CRM installation into SaaS without losing data or breaking future updates from Perfex CRM. The agency can register and signup for subscriptions on your platform and create many CRM (limited by the plan set by you) as possible for a number of companies. It comes with a clean, secure, responsive, SEO-friendly & eye-catching design that will attract your future customer with the first impression.

PNN Solutions Perfex SaaS module expects you to have your Perfex setup before installing our module. You can start your CRM SaaS company instantly without programming knowledge, just install PNN Solutions’ Perfex SaaS module and you are good to go. You might also need stripe API keys for setting up the payment gateway. That’s it.

Perfex CRM is self-hosted Customer Relationship Management software that is a great fit for almost any company, freelancer, or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, Perfex CRM can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time. Hosting CRM for all your company can prove tedious. Also, agency managing companies’ CRM will find it easier if they could manage all their customer company from a dashboard without dealing with multiple host accounts/files management; Software as a service

PNN Solutions’ Perfex SaaS Module utilizes a clean interface and quality development applied by Perfex CRM for the development of an elegant Module for running multiple companies at a time with the breeze – PNN Solutions.

Notable Features:

  1. Multi-tenancy – Only you can set a limit to the number of possible instances.
  2. 3 SaaS DB Model: Single tenant per DB, Multiple tenants per single DB, and Sharding (Multiple Tenant multiple DB)
  3. Comprehensive backup system and migration tool.
  4. Guided wizard installer.
  5. Auto repair feature – you can install updates from Perfex. This module won’t stop you from using future updates from the Perfex author. Any breaking changes in the update can be done automatically using the repair URL.
  6. Ejectable with button clicks. You can easily uninstall the module and go back to your previous setup with ease.
  7. Comprehensive content management system for managing business content.
  8. Comes with an elegant landing page with content from the CMS.
  9. Secure clean scalable high-quality code.
  10. Templating design with theme inheritance gives room for designing future themes easily.
  11. Pricing management with support for stripe.
  12. Subscription using stripe or credit funding system (wallet).
  13. Customers can create multiple instances based on the plan and package subscribed to.
  14. Expansible seat pricing allows you to bill per excess CRM instance created by the customers.
  15. Works with other Perfex modules (tested with over 50 Perfex modules).
  16. You can customize which module is available on each plan.
  17. Instance dashboard preview (for organization use). We advise you to disable this for commercial use.
  18. Flexible SaaS model – You can change the model at any time without a headache (although we don’t advise this).
  19. Email templates with the editor.
  20. Cron job management for all instances.
  21. Works on all hosting. You can run this product on cPanel for evaluation or low-scale use using Sharding or Multiple tenant single DB scheme. We encourage cloud hosting for production, single DB single tenant scheme, and on-demand TLS.
  22. ….and many other features.

Below services are included in the package purchase:

  1. Free installation.
  2. 3-month basic support.
  3. Cloud storage backup tool for database and files.

Available payment gateways:

  1. Stripe
  2. Paystack
  3. Flutterwave
  4. AmanPay
  5. MPesa

    Do you provide support?2023-02-15T16:55:29+05:30

    Yes, We do offer Free Support for the first 3 months,
    After that, you’ve to renew at $60/3 months for support and to download future updates

    Is the SaaS module 100% bug-free?2023-02-15T16:55:10+05:30

    No, however, we are always working on fixing any bug report or issue from customers.

    Can I get a refund after purchasing?2023-02-15T16:55:21+05:30

    No, we don’t offer refunds once the product is downloaded make sure to check the demo thoroughly before purchase Refund Policy

    Does the SaaS module make all other modules SaaS?2023-02-15T16:55:43+05:30

    Yes, it does, however, some modules licenses might require additional permission (extended license) from the developer to work on multiple subdomains/domains.

    Does the SaaS module provide other modules ?2023-02-15T16:55:55+05:30

    No, you have to purchase other modules.

    Does the SaaS module work on Cpanel?2023-02-15T16:56:06+05:30


    Does the SaaS module require a wildcard subdomain?2023-02-15T16:56:17+05:30


    After you install our module, your existing data could be managed through This is the master CRM that is used as a template for creating new instances. You can also disable the SaaS module from this address after activation. Data on this master CRM will be available after you uninstall this module.

Additional information

License Options:

Regular License, Extended License


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