• Introducing the Inventory Management module for UltimatePOS! This powerful tool allows you to easily fix your inventory date-wise, create an ex-stock inventory list, generate reports on inventory increases and decreases, and seamlessly close your inventory once your audit is complete. With the Inventory Management module, you can efficiently manage your inventory and have a clear picture of your stock levels at all times. This module is specifically designed to work with UltimatePOS, making it easy to integrate into your existing system. Upgrade your inventory management with the UltimatePOS Inventory Management module today!
  • Our Inventory Reset Module allows you to reset all inventory quantities to zero with just a few clicks, making it easy to start fresh and keep your inventory tracking accurate. With this module, you'll be able to quickly and easily clear out your existing inventory, saving you time and resources.
  • Sale!
    The Ageing Balance Report Module for UltimatePOS is a powerful tool that generates detailed reports on customer account balances based on their age. It helps businesses monitor outstanding payments, categorize them by time periods, and make informed decisions to improve cash flow and customer relationships.
  • Introducing UltimatePOS Desktop Application, the robust and reliable business management application designed for seamless offline and online synchronization. Tailored for efficiency and resilience, UltimatePOS Desktop Application ensures your business operations continue smoothly, even when the internet doesn’t.
  • Provides API for Desktop Application for UltimatePOS This is required to make the Desktop application work


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